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Online Therapy 101: The Fundamentals

In this live webinar, Shelly will explain the essentials for starting online with clients. An educational discussion will include our 4 pillars of online therapy: legal, ethical, logistical, and clinical considerations. Practical suggestions will be given for how to implement each element into practice. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

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Logistical Considerations: The Best Tips We’ve Learned So Far

Here are the top tips our expert team has learned about online therapy! We will discuss pro tips related to logistical set up, troubleshooting, marketing, building the therapeutic alliance, and much more. At the end you’ll have Q&A time with Shelly, one of Connect’s co-founders.


Clinical Considerations for Online Therapy

Designed for therapists who are already providing online therapy, this webinar will focus on clinical topics. Shelly will lead a discussion that focuses on building the therapeutic alliance, using creativity and innovation to adapt models of therapy, and working with couples & families online. Q&A time is scheduled at the end.



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